Hi! Welcome To TBLT

‘TBLT’ is an answer to that unquestionable itch that has dramatically occurred and recurred in the minds of all those who often find themselves day-fleeting to a world far, far away— a world surrounded by lush green forests, enchanting valleys, rambling waterfalls, strikingly gorgeous mountains, cultures full of

rich colors, even the ruins of long-forgotten cities.

The itch was similar in the minds of our co-founders, Harsh and Udai, who decided to act on it and soon, turned it into a vision—and that’s how ‘The Bucket List Tales’ was born. Our intention is to have ample time to explore a destination, live like a local, experience happiness in its truest form, but most importantly using travel as a medium to grow as an individual and create your own tales.

This isn’t just a company, it is a set of belief, sniffed out, mapped and then crafted, intricately, for the benefit of our society as a whole.

It’s more of an adventure-of-a-lifetime put together in a sphere of sustainable and responsible tourism which will sooner or later, contribute to the betterment of our environment.

How We Create Our Experiences

The trips, personally curated and vetted by Udai and Harsh, are specially designed to give you the best of travel experiences with a bundle of heart-warming memories. We promise to curate unique experiences around the globe.

Our Motto

When we take something from a place, we would give something back to it to—our simple and honest approach to experiential travel. This is who we are. Welcome to ‘The Bucket List Tales’

The Team


Now imagine that you don't have a passion in life. Then how do you decide what's best for you? You try things until you find the right path. That is what Harsh did. Not knowing what he really loved, he tried many things in life until he discovered his love for travel. But one thing was always clear, to live a life less ordinary, packed with experiences and freedom.

"Out of all the things I tried in my life, traveling was the only thing where I could actually breathe, feel and realized I could do more for me as well as for others." Now his mind is always full of thoughts about the beautiful world to be explored, delicious food to be eaten, cultures to be experienced and nature to be taken care of for the next generations.

TBLT is formed to serve a dream. "This world gave me something, now it's my turn."


It sounds clichéd but for Udai it turned out to be true – travel changes you and you find yourself. Someone who was happy at his corporate job, when he first came across the idea of traveling, there was a curiosity to experience it first-hand. So with no prior experience he set out on an ambitious journey of 1600 kms of solo car driving across the Himalayas. And that was a beginning of a new chapter and a discovery of his love for travel. Over the years he has traveled more than 15000 kms of driving across India, backpacked across countries and chased the Northern Lights in Norway.


But the story doesn't end there. With the travel bug, came this desire to get others excited about traveling and help them discover this beautiful planet. This dream manifested in the form of The Bucket List Tales.

So now Udai spends his time discovering offbeat locations and planning new adventures. Though he always has time to discuss financial markets, responsible tourism and climate change, and share his crazy travel stories over beer.








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